Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Long Two-Four Week End

It was a long weekend so I'm only back now. I read the second volume of the Justice League Adventures and it's pretty much the same thing as the first volume. Great superheroics for a younger audience but at the same time I'm enjoying it more than the adult version.

That being said I went through the comic book storage facility - i.e. one square box - to pick out the books to go in this year's Great Glebe Garage Sale. I decided it was time for Identity Crisis and Infinite Crisis to go. Also up are the JLA: Classified books I have, the run of Batman: Face the Face, that Morrison essay on the Joker and some other recent fill-ins as well as what I have of Justice. There's a few other odds and sods in there but I'm totally waffling on 52. Part of me wants to hold onto it but I also know I most likely won't ever read it again. I suppose I should just lend it to someone so they can have something relatively meaty to read (maybe not in plot but in text, it's meaty).

Any ideas? Should I put it up or no?

Otherwise, if you're in Ottawa this coming Saturday there are 117 comics for a dollar each.

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