Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Plastic Wars

War Stories Volume 2
Written by Garth Ennis with various artists.

Again, more great war comics. In particular I love the story about the four partisan fighters from the Spanish Civil War stuck in a shelling crater waiting for the fighting to stop. I don’t know much about the Spanish Civil War but this did help give me a better sense of it while presenting four separate character arcs that managed to drive the story forward rather than stall it. Anyone thinking of giving background character moments should check this out because it proves you can reflect on a character while driving the over all story forward without interrupting the flow of the story.
Otherwise this collection is just as solid as the last one but with more airplanes – which I love.

Plastic Man: Rubber Bandits
Written and artisted by Kyle Baker

This is a lot more joke oriented than the Jack Cole original crime fighting whackiness but my lord Kyle Baker is a fantastic cartoonist. These are comics in their purest loved until the threads wear out form.

Tired of multi-arc epics dealing with heroes unsure of their roles and places? Are you starting to wonder why characters never question the very obviously artificial barriers created for them? Or do you just want to watch Plastic Man try to catch a mouse? Then this is for you.

Baker thrives in the history of the character who is both a capable hero but was evolved into a goofy stretchy guy. What Baker does is mesh the best of both aspects here and just has fun with the medium, the universe, the characters, the fans and pretty much anything related to DC Comics or comics in general.

I seem to be on a Plastic Man kick, and so far I just haven’t been let down. I just don’t know why people would find the cartoony look off-putting, it’s beautiful – from the lines, to the colours to the layouts and character designs.


Borrego said...

Thanx for the info dude

The Fortress Keeper said...

My original complaint about Kyle Baker's Plas was - sadly - that it was too different from Jack Cole's. I don't really like goofy Plas.

But, I've re-read a lot of these stories lately and have to admit they're pretty great.

Not my ideal Plas, sure, but its still really funny and better than a lot of stuff out there.

Sorry, Mr. Baker. We owe you an apology.

joncormier said...

The first volume is close but more goofy, this volume was a lot more slap-sticky. I agree, it's not the same but this is the plas seen through the history of the character as synthesized through Baker - which is a very good thing. Sort of what the Bruce Timm animations did for the rest of the DCU only in brilliant comic book form.