Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sci-Fi that doesn't make the internet evil.

The Surrogates
Robert Venditti & Bret Weidele

What I loved about this book is that it is essentially an exploration of the internet generation. It reminds me more of how we interact online in places like LiveJournal, MySpace, Facebook and blogs like this. It examines what happens when we remove ourselves far enough from the world around us with the tools we create – it asks us if we can cope with the world if we remove those tools.

So while its core ideas and foundations are a great mash-up of the ideas in The Matrix and Blade Runner the action still feels relatively fresh for something steeped in genre. In many ways it’s the update of Blade Runner for the 21st century but at the same time the focus isn’t on ideas of life as a whole but on people in particular. It’s a well thought out idea, and the story is a fairly by the numbers noir crime type story but all the better for it.

The art is this weird mix of extremely high-techery and scratchy linework. It feels slightly unpolished and unfinished, which reflects the lives of our characters and the foundations of the story’s idea.

This book had a bit of a stint in the comic blogging headlines when it was optioned for a movie, and I can see the appeal. It would definitely be an interesting idea to explore and could help flesh out a few of the areas that can be further explored, like the relationship between partners – both cop and spousal. But honestly, with or without a movie deal this is comics as I like them.

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