Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Unintentional hilarity

So, last night me and my wife went out to meet up with my aunt who is in town as the debate coach for Team New Brunswick - it's one kid trying out for the national debating team. We were at a downtown pub who, kindly, put up newspaper spreads above the urinals so you have something to read as you go about your business and try not to get stage frieght when someone is tying to pee next to you. Well, this Marmaduke cartoon was in the paper and it cracked me up. It's not funny in the way it's trying to be funny.

There's the obvious humour I saw in this but the more I thought about it the more I realized just how utterly freaky it was. For instance, when did this couple start treating their dog like an adolescent child? Seriously. And if Marmaduke is a purebred dog wouldn't he already have a tattoo? I just thought it was funny that the dude had a porn-stache - it makes him look Quebecois.

So, how about some better captions people?

Mine: "I told you peyote makes it better."
Or: "Well that's how I was taught to do the heimlich."

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Siskoid said...

Your pornstache radar is dead on.