Thursday, January 18, 2007

Yesterday's Loot - 18 January 2006

52 Week 37
A few of the predicted deaths turn out to be just what people expected. I'm glad they didn't wait for week 52 to reveal Booster again. For the most part I was pretty ho-hum about this until Rip Hunter busted out the Phantom Zone thingamajig and Skeets is now chalk full of evil. And Animal Man just makes me happy because whenever I see him I think of the Morrison series.
I rate this comic: Okay.

The Spirit #2
With the first issue getting a lot of praise everyone seems to have been waiting for the sophmore jinx. And while the novelty factor is gone and the pace slowed down a bit this is still one fantastic comic. I'm very happy this comic is on the stands, reminding us that when handled properly relaunches can be extremely good comic books. More characters are introduced and we see a hero that is both self-confident and not perfect but willing to get the job done with a punch to a thug's face, if necessary. These two issues feel like a lost ideal taking form to me.
I rate this comic: Competing with All Star Superman for my favourite.


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