Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Last Week's Loot - 2 January 2007

Hello fellow bloggers and netizens. I've only got a quick post for the moment on last week's books that I read on my flight home.

52 Week 34
Some touching moments and a focus on the diabolical scheme of Lex Luthor. I liked the play on the Everyman Heroes, the traditional heroes and Lex Luthor trying to be a hero but failing so trying to make a real hero appear to be a failure. It reflected the way the Suicide Squad was messing with the Black Marvel Family. That whole Suicide Squad - Black Marvel Family sequence reminded me of the Bill Hicks comedy bit where he compares American foreign policy to Jack Palance in Shane.
I rate this comic: A very enjoyable issue of 52 that was exceptionally pleasing to read.

Detective Comics #827
God bless Paul Dini.
I rate this comic: Awesome.

Justice #9
A focus on Cpt. Marvel and the whole Shazam group of characters. I did like how someone, Black Adam I believe, called him the Big Cheese at one point. Otherwise this is the over melodramatic mirror image of Detective Comics. Yet I still enjoy it. I like this take on the characters and the artwork - except the armour. There was a time when I used to love characters getting out their random armoured wardrobes to fight aliens or whatever but for some reason I didn't like it here (except Batman's). I guess it just reminded me too much of Kingdom Come which I didn't enjoy at all. I do actually like this take on the Superfriends and from what I'm reading on the blogs I'm glad I stuck with this instead of picking up the new JLA, sorry Justice League of America book.
I rate this comic: Decent if you can get over the jarred action sequences.

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