Friday, January 19, 2007

Odd Wish Fulfillment

I remember a while back I said I'd read a miniseries about Black Bolt. It looks like I got that wish with Silent War, and yet I'm really not tempted to buy it. Is that sour grapes? I don't want to sound like spoiled child or anything. I mean I'm still interested in Black Bolt, just not in anything in any way connected to Civil War.

But I won't be all complainy-pants about stuff I'm just not interested in and instead give out some good vibes. I really admire Brian Michael Bendis's ability to deliver comics on time. I really wish more writers took it upon themselves to adhere to a schedule and learn to make sacrifices for timeliness. No comic is ever perfect, don't sweat it. Sure I'm not really interested in New Avengers but at least it gets delivered.

And yes I know Powers is a whole separate kettle of fish, but the guy is a workhorse when it comes to pay for hire stuff, and I really admire that in a market clogged with books that are equal quality without any idea of when we may be graced with their presence.

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plok said...

One thing I remember Bendis being asked in the Powers letter pages was "You write so many books! How is it possible? Do you have a time machine?"

And he said: "No..."

"Well, I don't drink, so kind of!"

And those, I thought, were horribly true words.