Friday, January 12, 2007


Today I really have nothing to say about comics. I tried to write a post about how some Bloggers out there seem to have their own comic book mascot and I don’t but in the end I couldn’t think of anything interesting to write. I figure if what I’m writing bores me, then I should avoid posting it.

In the end I’ve decided I never really had a most favourite character ever. Spider-man was close but I don’t buy his comics anymore. Batman is pretty close these days and was always a favourite but I think it’s because he can be portrayed so many ways without any of the portrayals being the fundamental one – I think the animated series was closest. In my youth I was a big fan of Cpt. Britain and Excalibur but I’m not buying that series today.

I guess I just wonder why I don’t have a favourite and wonder who it could be if I were to decide I needed one for whatever reason – say I’m taken hostage by commies or something and they’ll shoot me if I don’t tell them who my favourite comic book character is and why.

I don’t even have a list of potentials, and I guess, in the end it’s probably best as it’ll save me a bit of cash and keep me untainted by fan entitlement.

I noticed this when I was playing Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and realized I couldn't really pick a favourite team because I liked enough of the characters to consider them as viable alternatives. There were some characters that never had a chance too. I did have to return the game, so didn't finish it or anything. In the end I had Cpt. America, Spider-man, Iron Man, and The Thing as my team. For some reason I called them The Fireballs. Hey, I was on the clock as I had to return the game that day. And while Cap isn't exactly a favourite, it's just too damned fun to throw his mighty shield into a room full of Doombots.


Accursed Interloper said...

"keep me untainted by fan entitlement."

Whuhnh? If we can't be the slaves of our vices, why even HAVE them?

Fortress Keeper said...

I should have named my blog "Fan Entitlement."

Although, every blogger displays this vice since even the most cynical ones out there get their hackles raised when SOME character is mistreated.

Of course, I like Supergirl, Iron Fist and Spider-Woman because they never quite got a lucky break - even when they're considered "hot."

Oh, and I like clearing rooms in Ultimate alliance with Ms. Marvel's mighty photon blasts!

joncormier said...

I'm all for vice, and I'm all for enjoying vice and revelling in it from time to time. But I just can't bring up the bile for different interpretations - I just sort of ignore them and think fondly of the better times.

I guess I love things enough to let them grow (even if that growing is stupid).

Keeper: I couldn't bring myself to use Ms. Marvel or Spider-Woman because I know very little of them. I did, however get around to using Luke Cage at one point when I found out is uber-move was called Sweet Christmas, and the whole bashing people's heads into your knee was just too cool.