Thursday, January 25, 2007

Wednesday's Loot - 24 January 2007

52 Week 38
I used to like the Question Montoya parts of the story but since he’s started slowly dying off (I thought he died on Christmas) I feel like I’m being taken out of their story. I want it to just hurry up and get to where it’s going. I like the Four Horsemen, then again I’ve always liked the idea of them especially in comic-book form. I’m hoping that the missing fourth horseman is actually a virus or something along those lines. For me, the best part of the issue was simply the name “Science-Squad.” I love that their the villains as well. And finally, isn’t The Daily Star the newspaper Clark and Lois worked at on Earth-2?
I rate this comic: Rather slow this week.

Mouse Guard #6
And thus ends my favourite recent discovery, albeit with the promise of more. Midnight has turned into a fantastic villain bent on destroying the group he believed in after the group didn’t live up to his expectations. There are feelings of Tolkein here, especially with the broken blades striking down evil and various characters being more or less reborn. And just when the action seems larger than life, a mouse is banished and we’re reminded of why they require guards in the first place.
I rate this comic: Sorry it’s over but can’t wait for more.


Fortress Keeper said...

The Daily Star is indeed the paper of record on Earth-2's Metropolis.

I've always liked the Four Horsemen concept in comics as well, stemming from a story way back in the early 70s when the FF fought some sort of cosmic manifestation of the quartet.

I remember it mostly, though, because Medusa had replaced Sue.

And that's your wild rambling comment of the day!

joncormier said...

I think the idea of four horsemen has managed to get over the taint of Age of Apocolypse (which I didn't particularly hate back then). Now, it's really confusing but back when it was happening I wasn't buying comics so it was interesting from my distance. Now, not so much.

The only concept I like more than The Four Horsemen is the physical manifestation of Death - especially with a scythe.