Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I rate this movie "One Car Battery to the Face"

So I saw Children of Men last night and it is on top of my favourite recent movies. The entire movie and setting have been completely realized in a way I haven't seen in a long time. It really feels like the world has come appart and frayed at the edges. The amount of trash and human wreckage strewn about is utterly convincing. On top of that it has some of the greatest action sequences I've ever witnessed on the big screen. And I highly suggest that if you plan to see this movie at all, you see it on the big screen. The sense of urgency and tension is awe inspiring and the characterization was reminiscent of comics in that most characters were easily recognizable by what they wore and how they looked.

Then someone gets knocked out with a car battery and things get even more awesome.

Also, my comments seemed to have inpired one of those pull quotes you see on the top of blogs. It feels like the time my friend quoted my thesis in his only this time its about a guy taking off his wooden leg and pummeling a shark with it.


Reel Fanatic said...

I've seen this one twice already, and it's wrestling in my mind with Inarritu's Babel for the title of best movie of 2006 .. I think Mr. Cuaron's flick is gonna take the title .. The second time, I'm fairly that an old lady a few seats away truly jumped out of her seat a few inches into the air when that dude got whacked in the face

joncormier said...

When I was watching the entire theatre went "OOOH!" It was totally awesome.

Haven't seen Babel yet, but I'm told Pan's Labrynth makes the perfect trifecta for Mexican directors this year.