Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Project BD

I meant to post this yesterday, but got caught up in other activities.

As I’ve stated before I took a lot of BD out of the library to learn French. I wasn’t really sure what to get so I got a few Tintin books, a couple of Asterix, Blueberry for my Moebius fix and then grabbed a few others at random that looked rather interesting.

Here’s the list:
Asterix le Gaulois
Asterix chez les Bretons
Tintin et les Picaros
L’Ile Noir
Le Lotus Bleu
Tintin au Tibet
Marshal Blueberry: Sur ordre de Washington
Marshal Blueberry: Frontiere sanglante
Blueberry, les monts de la superstition
Chevalier Malheur [1]: La Chanson
Le lou, l’agneau et les chiens de guerre [1]: Mercenaires
W.E.S.T. – Weird Enforcement Special Team – La chute de Babylone
W.E.S.T. – Century Club
Professeur Bell: Promenade des Anglaise

I will try to get reviews up of each of these books as I read them. I seem to have a decent mixture of classics as well as westerns and fantasy books.

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