Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wednesday's Loot - 10 January 2007

52 Week 36
I know I don’t own his rights or anything but I’m sad to see Buddy go and Lobo to stick around. Feels unjust to me but if anyone can come back through convoluted plots, it’s Buddy. Plus Kandor and menacing Skeets was a nice ending note. But I don’t know why Renee and Question left the Himalayas in the first place - oh right, Batwoman.
I rate this comic: Still good in my book.

Agents of Atlas #6
The typewritten opening of this comic makes me happy. Then just when I’m getting used to a tough talking smart-mouthed Gorilla, a dragon mob-advisor is thrown into the mix. There is a bait-and-switch ending which sets up the inevitable ongoing series, which in all honesty I’m looking forward to it should it happen.
I rate this comic: A really great ending to a fantastic mini-series.

Godland # 15
Continuing in its ability to please me outright with each issue, Godland #15 has a great thought balloon and caption joke on page 3. Then there is what appears, to me anyway, to be a sequence referencing Arthur C. Clarke’s “Childhood’s End” with the cosmic mind and the all-seeing eye. Then a “death snake attack.” And the greatest think tank ever and we’re done.
I rate this comic: Still making me happy I buy it.

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