Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday's Loot - 04 January 2006

52 Week 35
More 52 delivered on time and it continues directly where the last issue left off. Heroes falling to the left and right with a fantastic Luthor character moment involving the death of everyman. 52 has sort of turned the throw away joke into its reason for being and the whole “null gravity, null gravity, null IT’S NOT WORKING!” bit had me laughing. Then back to space where we’re given a Trojan horse plot and Buddy Baker being loveable again.
I rate this comic: Feeling short this week without the backup.

Manhunter #27
I guess a lot of people’s childhood got unraped by the last page of Manhunter. I don’t care how it turns out I’m intrigued. Okay, I still don’t know who all the characters are but the whole Shangri-La Knights of Dumas thing looks like it’ll be impressive as does the whole Justice Experience plot. The writing in this book is simply top notch from courtroom drama, to explaining LA paparazzi, to the main hero being out of costume for the entire affair. But when you get past the engaging dialogue, plot and characters you find the little attentions to detail are particularly charming. From the Checkmate symbol being found not only on their company laptops but their plasma TV-sets as well. I can just imagine this entire government black ops department developing home entertainment capabilities to sell on the public market a few years after it’s obsolete in the field as a means to fund their research. No? Just me? Well there’s a great World According to Garp joke that had to be made obvious for those who never read it and a little girl kicking Dr. Trapp in, well, the trap.
I rate this comic: Splendid.

All-Star Superman #6
Whenever this book comes out I’m simply amazed at how unbelievably good it is. It has an easy charm and swagger about it that makes reading it feel like I’m doing myself a favour. The ease at which the ideas flow even when coming at you at hypervelocity is simply staggeringly impressive. With each page I fall in love with Superman all over again and with each new idea presented I’m reminded why it is I like superhero comics so much. The Supermen, the time travel, the connection to issue #2, the joy and the sadness each feel and read genuine. The muted yet bright colours are simply warm and inviting giving young Clark the charm he is meant to have as the prototypical modern American. He’s goofy and he’s a huge guy but he’s still kind and charming in his innate honesty and pure desire to do good in the world. Each way you try to describe the characters of Clark Kent and Superman can just as easily be transferred onto this comic itself. It is just a joy to read.
I rate this comic: Still one of the best comics – when it comes out.

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