Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wednesday's Loot - 31 January 2007

Comics and Addendum

52 Week 39
More cash-in on the Luthor plot, finally, and Super Science Squad fun with Mercury. I'm still a fan of the two page Ralph Dibny doing some mystical task bits. I'm realising that I like them because they are so utterly random. Here's the mystic portion of this week's 52, he meets some random character, and moves on to his next mystic task. It's actually pretty brilliant. Then there's some set up for World War Three with Black Adam, which may actually be a short crossover. I'm wondering if I care enough about simply knowing what's going on in the DCU to buy it.
I rate this comic: In the heat-up phase for the Luthor plot.

Seven Soldiers of Victory Vol 4
Finally I can finish off this series. I may read all the other volumes again before I get to this. I still haven't read the #1 comic floppy because I want to get the rest of the stories before I hit that point. It was particularly hard when everyone was listing it as a best of 2006 offering, but I've managed to stay in the dark about it so far - yay me, I'm like one of those anti-evolutionary people but for comic books.

I think W.E.S.T. is actually Italian. At least the name of the writer sounds Italian - Rossi. And there's a lot of English in the book, just not the dialogue. There's suicide notes and tombstones written in English, so it may be available as an English translation. This kind of makes a bit more sense now as the French wasn't as strong as the other books I've read, but if it was translated from Italian to French, then I understand.

I'm happy that we now have companies like First Second out there that are giving us high quality translations of European comics. I read a volume of Corto Maltese once that was pretty much translated into English word-for-word, which doesn't work. I was actually translating back into French in my head to make sense of what was being dialogued.

Also, I wanted to make a point about Asterix being the Gaullish version of Superman. He's invincible and extremely strong but relies on his brains to get him out of situations while saving his brawn as the last, or necessary, choice.


Brandon said...

I seem to remember an Asterix animated special from when I was a kid. Can't remember if it was actually any good, but I think I liked it.

joncormier said...

There are a few animated specials out there. One is Asterix and Cleopatra. I remember she had a royal taster who tasted everything to make sure it wasn't poisoned. From soap, to bathwater to other food and drink.

Don't know how it holds up now. I've avoided the live action movie.