Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wednesday's Loot - 21 June 2006

I'm going to try and do this with one sentence reviews. I already know it'll be tough and I'll kind of cheat because there was a lot of goodness this week. I wanted to only buy 52 in order to save some dough but it seems that every series I like had an issue this week or ended so I bought the final instalment. I didn't pick up Manhunter because I can't fund more purchases and I dropped Shadowpact for the same reason - even if I liked issue one.

Also Alison Bechdel's Fun Home is listed as one of CBC's Hot Stuff list for the best stuff of summer 2006. It's even top ten. Congrats.

52 Week 7
Ralph Dibny comes out swinging while Montoya becomes a new favourite for me and Adam Strange grows a beard in a week.

Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy #6
Is there really any other way this story could have ended?

All-Star Superman #4
Jimmy Olsen is the bane of Superman’s life and is not gay no matter how much he wears women’s clothing or is draped in rainbows.

Justice #6
Finally a glimpse of the heroes starting to organize a comeback.

Ultimates #11
It’s been a while but it’s fan-freaking-tastic and I don’t have to buy the Ulitmate Hulk v. Wolverine miniseries to find out how that ends.

Last Planet Standing #4
This comic has an Excavatron and no other comic does making them pale in comparison while adding riffs on the original Secret Wars and a petty bureaucrat make it cosmic comic gold.

Casanova #1
I didn’t read it yet.

I need to write something else here about 52 this week. I don’t know who the big guy at the end is. Is it one of the Manhunter robots from a bygone time? Also, A. knows someone who fractured an elbow but the doctors read their reports wrong and put a cast on her arm like Montoya has and it made the fracture worse. When the cast was properly replaced and she healed up she could never use her elbow to its full extent again. If Montoya’s elbow is fractured then putting a cast on below the elbow will make sure the elbow never heals and she’s in ridiculous pain. I think this cast would be fine for a fractured wrist but I'm not a doctor. Also, All-Star Superman is truly a fantastic comic all the time isn't it?

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