Monday, June 12, 2006

The Search is Over

I have finally found a copy of Northwest Passage #2. I had to travel five hours and go to my friend's wedding to find a copy but I got it. Just before I cracked it open I thought it better be good after all this turmoil to get the dang thing. It was good. It was just as good and intreaguing as the first volume. I'll right more later today (maybe) when the world cup games are done for the day.

I also went to The Beguiling on Sunday but I wasn't particularly in a great mood after all the driving I did on Friday and Saturday. The selection was top notch but I didn't really stick around too long or particularly talk to anyone so I don't have much of an opinion of the place. It was packed to the rafters with stuff I can't find in Ottawa easily. And A. browsed through some comics for the first time ever. She was taken by the First Second books and some selections from Oni I believe.

I picked up the second volume of Northwest Passage, a signed copy of We Are on Our Own and a Free Scott Pilgrim. More later the second half of Australia v. Japan just started.

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