Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wednesday's Loot - 14 June 2006

52 Week 6
Another issue that furthers some plots along nicely. I’m liking how Black Adam’s story is shaping up to be a new cold war type of scenario with the introduction of The Great Ten and international politics coming into play. I thought it was well handled and a great way to play off the sovereign border issues with planetary concerns. Plus there’s a time-bubble and Booster is proving to be an ass so it’ll end up being an evil Skeets framing him (I’m guessing).
I rate this comic: Still keeping my attention.

Battle for Bludhaven #5
Robin says it best on the very last page – “This is completely insane.” I love this comic. Atomic Knights, Nuclear Family, various nuclear themed baddies, Captain Atom, Teen Titans, some kind of Freedom Fighters and a few other characters thrown in for good measure. Firebrand is taken into some sort of pseudo reality of the future while going for help – hmmm, was this cut out of Civil War? Anyway, how can you top a potty mouthed android terrier? I didn’t think you could, but this comic also has Hal Jordan beating Major Force with a refrigerator for the Kyle Rayner girlfriend episode, a bunch of the Freedom Fighters questioning Major Force’s sanity after he rips Major Victory’s arm off (there’s a plague of arm ripping in the DCU these days), the Teen Titans acting how they should be, and an evil nuclear guy figuring he could make more money selling all the weapons and android dogs other villains make instead of trying to blow shit up. And to top it all off, the image you see on the cover actually takes place in the comic.
I rate this comic: Exactly what I want from my summer entertainment.

DMZ #8
Part three of the Body of a Journalist moves the story along in an unexpected manner. After some decent single issues Brian Wood is really showing his storytelling chops with this series. Matty’s life heats up in a manner I didn’t see coming as he’s basically betrayed by everyone. He’s being used and sold out simultaneously by his employers while delivering ultimatums meant to goad a shooting war by the other. This plot boils along nicely and we’re given a bit more history that helps set up the current state of affairs. I liked this series from day one but then started to waver a bit until this current arc came along. It’s not about one point of view or another it’s about this guy making his own way and trying to do it on his own terms in a world trying to force him into choosing sides.
I rate this comic: Part of an arc folks should use to jump onto the series.

JLA Classified #22
So this is the infamous JLA Detroit? It’s not bad really. I like the tortured hero approach to Steel but I’ll let Scipio go on about Vibe, he’s better at it than me. The Royal Flush Gang is kind of neat here. I ended up dropping the Super Buddies arc of this series but I may keep with this one if the story continues along without me needing to have read other issues of JLA Detroit.
I rate this comic: Good if you’re into the nostalgia trip and up for something that has an older comic vibe.

Green Lantern Corps #1
I wasn’t sure if I was going to buy this series or not. I’m glad I did.
I rate this comic: I liked the miniseries and I like this book.

That's it for me, I'm now a DCZombie. I looked at the spoiler in Civil War though. Honestly, I think Marvel needs a crisis of their own.


The Fortress Keeper said...

Marvel is in a crisis of its own, a crisis of bleech.

I'm not even sure I know what that means...

joncormier said...

I hope it means they were bought out by Mad Magazine. Actually that's kind of mean. I don't know why I don't like what Marvel's doing but it's like any change I could think of that would be good they go in some polar opposite region I never knew existed. But I haven't read the story so who knows, it's probably fantastic.

Jim Roeg said...

I agree completely about the Green Latern Corps title - the story is involving and Gleason's artwork is unbelievable. That guy just gets better and better. Also with you on the silly summer fun of Battle for Bludhaven - the swearing dog is a cheap trick...but it works! (No doubt there is an Android Dog/Detective Chimp Special in the works as we speak...)

joncormier said...

Jim - OH HELL YES! Who could say no to a series with a drunken chimp and a surly dog?