Friday, June 16, 2006

Couple of things plus Marvel 1602

I just want to put this out there. I think I have discovered the shocking conclusion of 52. Donna Troy is the Earth-2 Huntress. They react the same to crisises and infinity.


Sure the Spider-man reveal makes me think it's only a matter of time before an alarm clock rings and this was all a dream. However, even if it ignores one of the basic tennants of the character, this does open up a new door for Spider-man writers. I think any change can have positive results and honestly it's better than divorcing him because you're tired of writing about a happily married man. That's just bullshit. Spider-man revealing - sure I'm not big on it but I don't own the character. It's like that kid who put his Hotwheels into a vice pretending it was a car crusher. Sure it's fun but you end up with a pile of broken Hotwheels in the end and I wouldn't do it with my own unless they were already broken.


I was going to do a longer post on Marvel 1602 but England had me in heart palpitations for 82 minutes and I needed more beer to calm my nerves yesterday. So here's the condensed post.

Marvel 1602 was one of very few graphic novels at the local Chapters. I kept seeing it, sometimes I'd give it a cursory flip then move on. I was intrigued but not committed to buying it - then it went on sale online so I ordered it. I read it and liked it. But it's really one of those books that could go either way. It's really destined for a couple of very specific groups:

Group A:
English Majors who read Marvel Comics

Group B:
History Buffs who read Marvel Comics

Group C:
Neil Gaiman completists

Group D:
English or History major who once read Marvel Comics and has an internet connection to figure out the missing pieces s/he doesn't know.

If you're not one of these I'm not sure this would work for you. I do think it's a great gateway comic but not for everyone. The reader needs to appreciate too many things on too many levels for it to be universally accessible. A fun read, definitely, but I'm not completely sure if everyone would want to see so much of the Marvel Universe redone instead of following one character around with cursory interaction with the rest of the Marvel U.

Also the severed head of Doctor Strange is a brilliant allusion to the severed head of Bob Dobbs if in fact that was intended, otherwise it's still good in my book but less clever.

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