Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Plan

Now that it's June I have a bit of a plan taking shape.

First I will be in Toronto this weekend because a friend of mine is getting married. I will do my damnedest to get to The Beguiling. I'm hoping to meet up with a few folks (all of A's relatives are in Toronto so we have a crazy schedule and England plays Paraguay Saturday morning plus the whole wedding thing) and go check the place out. If they have a copy of Northwest Passage #2, I'll take it! I'm trying my best to ensure I get to the shop but it'll most likely be the first thing cut from my schedule if things get out of hand and hectic.

Also, I'll be taking next week off to basically watch as much of the World Cup as humanly possible and pretend to be working on some secret project. Thankfully there's a pub on the ground floor where I work so I can get at least one hour a day during lunch on the weeks I'm not taking off.

After last night's debacle I think I'm off hockey until next season unless Edmonton can pull it together tomorrow. The World Cup helps.

I'll be doing my best to go through my bookshelf and write reviews/examinations on as much comic collections as possible. This will be the first activity I cut out though as I continue to plug away at Crimson Skies on my X-box. Stupid charismatic Indian Jones guy flying really cool planes. It's like the fillings in my teeth sent radio waves directly to the brains of video game developers and they made a game based on my childhood obsessions.

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