Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Recommended Viewing

Last night I watched Paul Greengrass's film Bloody Sunday. I have not seen a film this good in a long long time. It was simply captivating from start to finish, even if I couldn't make out the young thug's accent.

It looks and feels like a documentary using long single shots, jump cuts and hand held cameras to tell the story. There isn't cuts and angles but someone following around subjects who don't appear to be speaking "dialogue." It makes the inevitable outcome that much more gripping and staggering.

Now, I'm no historian so I don't know how accurate this is other than the fact that 13 Irish protestors were killed and 14 injured. The film does wear its politics on its sleeve but that really doesn't detract from its power. I have never felt such dread and terror at an outcome the entire film was building towards and that I felt was completely pointless and easily avoided. You see the pieces of a bloody disaster taking shape for pointless reasons on behalf of the British.


On a lighter note, I tried to make a few of the suggested villains. I ran into a few troubles. Saddly there are no ape parts in the character creation scenes. I got sort of close but it looked like a large grey and black man with fangs and not a gorilla or ape of any sort. Also there are no bows and arrows available so that was a no go. For some reason I didn't remember the alien gangster, which I'll gladly try to create at some point. And while I do appreciate the Walrus and the Carpenter I think it would only work if I had an online friend to play the other character. Instead I flew around in my blue Iron Man knock off "Mr. Zap" and beat up heroes with my electricity based powers. I love robbing fictional banks.


The Fortress Keeper said...

No ape parts???

And this thing calls itself a super-villain simulation??


I do appreciate the effort, though, and love the name you came up with:

Composite Ape!

You, sir, are a genius.

joncormier said...

It was either that or Man-Drill which would be an ape with a drill head helmet.