Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Day of the Beast

I realized just now that it's kind of an ominous day for you practicing Christians out there. I hope the Anti-Christ doesn't show up with his hell-hounds today or get born today or anything. Please don't go around killing first born sons or anything just in case...

So here's the Wikipedia page for the number of the beast and you should go out an buy a copy of Lucifer, Fallen Angel, Hellblazer, Son of Satan or Spawn. Did I miss anything? Blood of the Demon maybe?

I'm told there's an Irish saying that goes something like this: "You only need to concern yourself with two things - If you're healthy or not. If you're healthy you have nothing to worry about if not you have two things to worry about - whether you'll live or die. If you'll live then don't worry, if you're going to die then you have two things to worry about - whether you'll go to Heaven or Hell. If you go to Heaven you have nothing to worry about, if you go to Hell you'll be surrounded by so many of your friends you won't notice." See you in Hell.

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