Friday, June 23, 2006

Name that Villain

So I've got the trial version of City of Villains (it's about to run out I think) and I'm trying to come up with a few more villains to play. I want your help if you're willing to give it.

So far I have a thug that looks like a blue Iron Man called Mr. Zap. I also have an X-ray eye-beam shooting radiation shooting villain called Nuclaire. After that I'm kind of stuck.

I want a few more Silver Age type of villains that aren't gangsters. I'd say Golden Age type of villains but I know little of this time in comic bookery. So help me come up with a few themes, power types and costume ideas and I'll let you know who I choose.

I'm trying to avoid those dark, gritty, barb-wire clad villains of the nineties so no "thing so evil that it cannot be named" type of entries. Wait, I might make a piece of Swedish furniture and call it "&The Thing so Evil it Cannot be Named&."

Preference will go towards people with Dr. Mr. Miss. Mrs. His Lordship, and the ilk in its title. I have Saturday to myself so I'm going for a major geek-out.


The Fortress Keeper said...

How about The Syndicate Boss From Mars? He's a gangster exiled from Mars who takes over the local mobs with his martian technology.

Natch, he blasts police officers with ray guns at every opportunity.

You could also try Cyber-Ape, an evil bionic gorilla.

Yes, I am a DC fan.

Brandon said...

How about a pair of Mad Hatter-like Alice in Wonderland themed villains? The Walrus and the Carpenter.

One's a big mutant Walrus dude-think Blob meets Aquaman. Big, blubbery, strong. He's the bodyguard/minion of the other guy who's-

A scheming, scientific genius known for his elaborate plans and death traps. He's got as gizmo for every situation. He's a little guy, maybe bald-dressed in a work smock with all sorts of tools in his pockets. And cool-ass goggles.

Blockade Boy said...

A while back I got an idea for a guy who could be used as either a hero or a villain: Poison Arrow, a mutant archer with poison salivary glands, and he can lick the arrowheads to give them a paralyzing effect. I figure he could have either skin or a costume with the bright markings of an Amazonian poison arrow frog.

joncormier said...

I'm looking up poison arrow frogs now, and I'm thinking of something along the lines of "Composite Ape" or Rose of Tralee who'd be a Poison Ivy knock off, I mean homage.

Jake said...

I created a villain named Bl├╝streek for a story that I may or may not eventually share. He's a speedster, but got away from the whole supervillain thing a few years ago when his daughter was born. Now he's trying to get back into the scene, but realizes that name is a little "Liefeld-ian." He also has gone to grad school in the interim and will be damned if he spent all that time and money NOT to have people call him "Doctor... someting..."

I don't think I've helped at all, have I? Maybe I should learn more about the game first.

joncormier said...

That's funny, I had a hero story about Runner Blue that I submitted to the game developers. It didn't win.