Wednesday, February 15, 2006

It's rhetorical question period kids.

Sorry for the lack of comic content - you can skip to point 3 for my derision of the medium I've dedicated a blog to.

Okay, when will people who meet on the internet then get married no longer be considered news? Is this like cartoons make you violent? Because the day I see a war being fought with anvils, cliffs, rocket skates and various see-saw contraptions I'll know the world is a better place.

Why do we care that Cheney shot one American ,more than the thousands of soldiers sent to get shot in Iraq by his administration? Maybe this guy had a weapon of mass destruction? I guess you don't need a seven dollar hunting license to declare war.

And because I generally make fun of Marvel covers, I've decided that this Outsiders cover is worth some serious making fun of.

It's like Grace can't comprehend how to make the "thumbs up" motion. Look at the concentration and frustration on her face. Metamorpho looks either mentally handicapped or on serious designer drugs. The new woman is apparently the singer from Roxette with more hair and less sex appeal, and Nightwing looks like the slimey guy who is still hanging out in college bars after he's graduated (if he's graduated) in order to grope women. How much hair grease does one superhero need? And I like Nightwing. He just looks like a slimeball here and he can't wait to tell you how his parents were divorced or that other women don't understand him the way you do. Yeah, they've got the look.

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