Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hobgoblins of the mind

Finally I will succumb to speculation and contempt of my own mind’s projections on things yet to happen. Hell, if comics can be marketed as the best thing ever before they are written I suppose it’s only fair we can call them utter shite before they are written. Or at least we can on the internet. Maybe I should post this to Wikipedia instead, because that’s such a balanced and unbiased playing field…

Nobody is really asking the right questions about Frank Miller’s Al Queda vs. Batman. Is Frank Miller a practicing Muslim? He should really think about this before he starts writing this. I know it didn’t help Salman Rushdie much but I mean, this guy works in media he should have a little bit of a clue on what can happen if he manages to insult an entire religion. And to specifically target extremist terrorist? Not something I’d think is considered ballsy or, well, intelligent. I hope he actually talks to a few Muslims and practicing Muslim scholars or religious practitioners before he does something offensive without possibly realizing it.

I’m thinking that there may be something here that I, and possibly people who have read more Frank Miller than I, have missed. Perhaps Miller was always portraying a very conservative right-wing agenda that was lost in the unique presentations he was giving us in his older work? But I can’t help thinking about how both Batman: Year One and The Dark Knight Returns were both very anti-establishment while this reeks of Rambo III. Remember that one? He went to Afganistan with a bunch of bazookas and glo-sticks to help the Freedom Fighters keep the evil commies at bay. I think that’s where Freedom Fries come from?

Personally I’d try to avoid anything that may cause state sponsored bounties and riots that can kill you. But to purposefully go after the group that has proved time and again they are willing to kill massive amounts of innocent people makes me think you should consider taking a break until you get some decent story ideas. I’m all for addressing the real world in comics but I also like them with a nudge and a wink, overtones and undertones. I don’t need anything blown up and writ large, I’m not an idiot. I won’t buy this because it is treating the audience as if they’re idiots. I’m all for joking about freedom hating commies, but this should be called something like “Buy this comic or you hate America and freedom.” Yeah, I’m judging sight unseen, I’ll eat my words if this is the best comic ever. Until then…

Then on the other side of the gap is Marvel going all “real world” with their civil war. Yeah, I’m sure they’ll deal extremely well with the very things the Bush Administration is trying to get more power to silence. Again, this is the sort of thing I like to see in some comics but here it just reeks of being handled poorly. Bring the real world in but, holy shit, don’t beat us to death with it. Again, judging sight unseen and I think this series has WAY more potential than the Miller thing.

What I really hope for, is that Marvel has the balls to not pull any punches. This is their opportunity to print stories for a younger audience that explicitly say – US Government, the way you are operating is unacceptable to us, We are a nation based on freedom and respect but YOU have corrupted these to fit your needs and your greedy amoral goals. You hurt each and every one of us, and what this country stands for, each time you lie. And we all know your lying. We’d respect you if you told us the truth we already know. You think that’ll happen? I don’t and that’s why I can already tell I’ll most likely avoid this. I may not, but I’m trepidatious with good reason I think.

This is an opportunity to actually take a very powerful stance. I really hope they do it. I hope for a bit of a return to those Green Lantern stories that explicitly state things like “you care about everyone but why not Black Americans”? I only see the potential for watered down tripe because people are so scared to lose profit. I mean, I’m currently debating whether or not to sell off all my Marvel stuff and not purchase any Marvel products for the rest of 2006 because of their stupidity with Rawhide Kid being a Max book if they ever print one. That was an unnecessary slight to all their homosexual customers, because gay men have nothing to do with comics or the comic buying public. I don’t need folks to rally around this idea but my money will not be going to marvel for a while and I really like The Ultimates, the Wolverine vs. Hulk thing, this Planet Hulk event, and the Essential collections (even though I haven’t purchased many of the last one yet). I've been getting Marvel books I never would have bought before but I feel like I can't give them my hard earned money until they smarten the fuck up.

Wow, I get grumpy when I don’t sleep well. I should be fine by next week.

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Scipio said...

"I suppose it’s only fair we can call them utter shite before they are written."

THAT is the defense I needed about my dissing Sword of Atlantis...