Friday, February 03, 2006

All-Star Jimmy Olsen or All-Star Lois Lane?

I wanted to have a long insightful post today but I forgot my notes at home. And it's raining. And I had to go to the walk in clinic because I can't hear out of my right ear. Apparently I'm growing a second head out of wax that will eventually explode out of my right ear. I plan to make a candle out of it, or vomit when I need to squirt warm water into my head. We'll see how that goes...

Anyway, I've been thinking about All-Star Superman again. I'm hoping that DC brings back the backup story for their All-Star line. How fucking awesome would that be? 8 page back up stories of Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen or Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane would make me buy two copies so I could give one to a random stranger - in the hopes they can read English. I'd like to see some backup stories in the Batman book as well. Maybe some team ups with the outsiders. Or if DC wanted to be beyond Airwolf cool they could have Aquaman backup stories in the Superman book. Meta-cool.

What would you like to see? Me, I'd like the Jimmy Olsen stories.


Jhunt said...

Definately All-Star Jimmy Olsen. He's an imbecile who takes a jetpack to work! No contest.

I find that the competant, charming Lois portrayed in this series wouldn't really lend herself to wacky 8-pagers, but I have no doubt Jimmy gets in all sorts of stupid trouble.

God bless him.

gorjus said...

Yeah, I agree! The best thing about 8-pagers in the new millenium is that they could actually flesh out the characters. I'm so tired of ongoing miniseries and fragmented titles--I'd rather have an 8 page on, say, Connor in Green Arrow than a one-shot or a new limited series.

And, I love feeling like I'm getting "extra" stuff.

joncormier said...

That's exactly what I'd like to get out of something like this as well. It's new yet retro. Fleshing out someone like Jimmy allows for even more of a goofy silver-age feel to the thing. I think it would be a wonderful space to let creators blow some of the stink off themselves, just cute loose and have fun.