Thursday, February 16, 2006

And the rest of the Wednesday stuff…

It seems that everything I bought this week was the continuation of some series I’ve been interested in. Action Comics is part 2 of the Superman this is your life arc going across all his titles, then the continuing issues of Justice and Sgt. Rock.

I find this to be an odd week. Only one new comic but in the end nothing was disappointing. I don’t know what’s worse the fact that I still get disappointing comics or the fact that I expect them?

First up I need to get something out in the open. I don’t know why people don’t like Alex Ross’s work. Okay there was one image I saw somewhere that made Wonder Woman look like a guy in drag, but otherwise I really like it. It adds to the stories he tells, and especially the one he is telling in Justice. The issue with Batman and The Riddler has the best ever Batmobile in my opinion. The only real issue I can take with this series is that the timeline is just way too long between comics being available. I tend to lose track on monthly comics that are released on time so this bi-monthly series is sort of a lost cause for me in some ways.

What I can’t seem to do is wait to read it though. That’s good. I don’t have the patience to read through the rest of the issues before I tackle the new one. In some ways I should to see if the story is holding together but I don’t feel I need to in order to enjoy the present issue. And what an issue this was. All the pieces have been placed on the board and now the villains are springing their ultimate trap. This book should be called Checkmate instead of whatever Rucka’s going to tackle (but I’ll pass judgment on that when I read an issue, or IF I read an issue). How’s the best way to describe this book? Metaphors with booze!

Justice League Unlimited is like an alcopop. It’s aimed at people who like sugary sweetness and a generally younger demographic. People who simply want to have fun and enjoy themselves.

JLA: Classified is like imported beer or wine in general. Sometimes you get one you like sometimes you don’t. Sometimes it’s sweet, sometimes bitter. Sometimes you simply want to retch while other times you binge and can’t wait for more.

Justice is like Scotch. You either love it or hate it. You can love it for what it is. If you hate it, then you can live happily without it. To me, it is smooth and with hints of sophistication. To others it's probably too stiff and bitter.

The recently cancelled JLA was like cheap liquor. It was good when you started drinking it but now it’s just sort of sad when you’re reduced to taking it in. Sometimes you could get the mixture right and live another day but mostly you would simply smell it and your mind would flash to moments when you were younger and puking in someone’s shrubbery which you’d swear you wouldn’t do to yourself again.

Much better than the first issue. This story seems to be a lot of quite before the storm. Interesting premise although it all seems very familiar to anyone who has ever seen a war movie. I can’t help but feel like I’ve been there and done that. Still, it’s a good book that if you don’t get now you may want to wait for the trade if you want it all at once. The art is all bleached out and faded like the beaten down men in Easy Company. It is wonderfully drawn although I feel there will be someone dying to save a puppy at some point. I had a feeling I would drop this after the last issue and I'm glad I didn't. I hasn't changed my life and is far from perfect but it is a nice change of pace and well presented for what it is and what it is trying to be. Now, if only there was a bazooka to kill a tank and Sgt. Rock can play dead to fool a Nazi then uppercut the Nazi. Without the bazooka or the playing dead it won't be a true Sgt. Rock comic and I will pretend it doesn't exist.

Action Comics
Continuing the Superman: This is your Life story is a heck of a lot of fun. I really like the triple take at the beginning that gets echoed throughout. However would I recommend this as an intro for noobs? Not a frickin’ chance. This is a good comic if you’re aware of some DC history otherwise you’d just be lost. This is a comic insider’s comic with a bit more of a populist appeal. A trippy jumping on point for someone who knows that there is a second crisis happening and that there is more than one Superman. If you were following crisis and knew about the first crisis then I could see how this arc would be an intriguing re-introduction. Otherwise I have no idea really. I feel like this is a good recap for the years I never bought and is presented in a very challenging way for what is considered one of the most mainstream pulp mediums ever – a frigging Superman comic that experiments with storytelling? You got to be kidding me? Nope that’s exactly what this arc is. Fun stuff that I hope to have a more informed review of when it’s done.

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