Thursday, February 09, 2006

At least it's not a penis joke...

...but doesn't this look like Cpt. America has atomic farts that blew his pants off so he's hiding his shame with his shield? Yuck. Maybe some time in the future I'll do a whole week of dick and fart jokes. You know, to give this site a bit of class.

So, in other comic news I can't seem to stop linking to Christopher's Comic.212 these days. He's got a great post about the nature of comic fandom/criticism and what not. The whole what's next, what's new syndrome. A Jedi craves not these things.

And Jog does a much better critique of Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight than I could muster for today so be happy with the link instead of my words. The only thing I can add is just how fun it was to have this smoky abstract take on Batman. The way his cape flowed reminds me of how Aku from Samurai Jack was animated. The way Batman moved in the fight scenes was some of the best animation I've seen in comics in a long time.

I realized I lied yesterday. I previously bought the Devil Dinosaur comic with Hulk in it, but it wasn't part of any continuity so it doesn't count. My house, my rules bucko. I liked this story. I'm a sucker for the straight forward sell. It's gladiator in space. Sold. Now just run with it instead of trying to say to much. Keep it simple stupid.

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