Thursday, February 23, 2006

Black Wednesday.

February 22nd will forever be known as Black Wednesday in Canada. The national hockey team lost and is out of the Olympics without even making the medal rounds. Now we will be subjected to a national crisis because our boys can't play hockey (our women can though so not all hope is lost).

For my two cents, it was all Pat Quinn's fault. He had the team playing as if they were the Toronto Maple Leafs. They were dopey and well just plain awful. I also think we need a full time national coaching staff like they do for the national soccer teams in European countries. I was in England when they lost their national coach and nobody would dedicate enough time to the job so they hired a Swede Sven Erikson (sorry about the poor spelling) and are now contenders again. I think hockey in North America needs to learn from that example. That's why the European teams are winning - they have full time staff who do nothing but plan for the national team. It can't be a part-time gig if you plan to win.

The team that was picked was a good team, sure there were some omissions and oversights, but the fact that the coaching staff couldn't get them to work as a team is where I am laying blame.

In other sporting news today is Curling is Cool Day and when I left for work this morning the Canadian Women were in the lead for the Bronze medal game. Let's see how this plays out...

Next post will be about comics I promise.

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