Thursday, November 09, 2006

Wednesday's Loot - 8 November 2006

52 Week 27
Ralph sort of gets his vengeance on then self-flagellates while we are pretty much hand fed the fact that Batwoman is important. I actually like how Ralph and Dr. Fate’s helmet are the new Booster Gold and Skeets, only more emo for the new generation. I’m still waiting to see whether or not Renee becomes the new Question, which I could live with but see as a bit unnecessary at the moment. Whatever, I can swing with it.
I rate this comic: Back to the “setting things up” week.

Batman #658
This issue starts with the line “It’s not about the flying bat-ninjas” but I have to say, it is EXACTLY about the flying bat-ninjas. I have a co-worker who says it’s never a complete evil plan without flying monkeys. But I have to say it is a totally awesome plan with flying bat-ninjas. There are some additional explosions and the promise of a Joker story next issue. The end.
I rate this comic: Your monthly helping of ninja man-bats.

Action Philosophers #7
Some of the missing Greek philosophers appear in this issue.
I rate this comic: Extremely worth your while.

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