Thursday, November 30, 2006

Comics I'd Write for Cheap - Day Five - The Outsiders

Yes, The Outsiders, because let's face it - I couldn't do any worse.

Tomorrow I'll have some actual content that isn't so snarky. Sorry to whoever is actually writing The Outsiders these days. You are a nice person and you have more talent in your toenail clippings than I have in my entire being.


The Fortress Keeper said...

Actually, Judd Winick did seem nice enough in The Real World.

But as a super-hero writer? I'd bet on your toenail clippings over his ...

joncormier said...

I stopped reading it a long while ago so I'm making a completely unfair judgement on the book.

Still. It would be fun to cut loose on it wouldn't it? Every single villain would have a "hypnoray" if I took over. Just because I'd like the challenge of having a hypnoray in 12 consecutive comics.