Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thursday's Loot - 23 November 2006

52 Week 29
A great play on the JSA JLA Thanksgiving issues opens up this week of 52 and it quickly turns into Mark Waid’s rehash of Kingdom Come only mutated to fit the Everyman Project. I am liking the fact that there is a bold Luthor plot as one of the main parts of 52. It wouldn’t really be the DCU without that would it? And Wildcat putting his mitts on the table – brilliant. Then Mad Scientist a go-go with an homage to The Life of Brian.
I rate this comic: Another solid issue of 52.

Godland #14
I liked this comic from the moment it said “The atmosphere is thick with scheming beauty.” And the phallic missile plot to hit the egg centre of the Earth was quick fun as well. Then the rest of the issue feels a lot like a setup for future plots. Not the best issue of Godland I’ve read but still a good comic overall.
I rate this comic: Best mention of Superman Returns in comics.

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