Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Comics I'd Write for Cheap - Day Four - X-Axis

X- Axis

I noticed I haven't mentioned any Marvel ideas and to be honest I'm only buying Agents of Atlas these days so I'm a bit out of the idea loop.

This is probably the easiest idea I came up with. Well, I saw the name on some other blog that I can’t recall, but still. It’s about the X-men villains and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in particular. All that this book requires is that I’d get a copy of the X-men script from whoever was writing it and I’d rewrite the story from the villain point of view.

That’s it. Villain point of view for every single X-men issue. I'd make millions. Millions I say.


plok said...

License to print money!

joncormier said...