Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wednesday's Loot - 15 November 2006

52 Week 28
More space adventure but it seemed a bit confused to me. Also looking like a new Question will appear soon which feels unnecessary to me.
I rate this comic: Still coming out weekly.

I also read Grant Morrison's Seaguy last night. It's pretty fucked up. If you like the insane wacked out version of Morrison's writing then this book is for you. It's bright, it's funny, it's weird and depressing all mixed into one ball of genuine insanity.


The Fortress Keeper said...

Big fan of Seaguy. 52 seemed like it was treading water this week ...

joncormier said...

I'm generally not a huge fan of that type of manic storytelling but this one was certainly fun. I think it has more to do with the art than the story though. I love the art style - I'll have to credit the artist as soon as I find his name. I could take or leave the actual plot, which usually makes or breaks my opinion of a comic.

Yeah 52 is back on hold for the last couple of weeks. It'll pick up again just like before - right?