Monday, November 27, 2006

Comics I'd Write for Cheap - Day Three - Nightwing

Okay, seems like Comics I'd Write for Cheap Week was only 2 days last week because of my days off and job interviews and stuff. Fingers crossed. I could actually be happily employed elsewhere which means better posting here.

On with the post!

I’m taking Nightwing because of the whole “he’s crap and I know how to fix/kill him vibe that’s going around the net these days.” Yeah, he was supposed to die but didn’t. Whatever.

A while back I think I sort of mentioned how I’d fix Nightwing but I’m too lazy to search through my own files so I’ll probably repeat myself a bit. My first idea was to try and re-establish him in Gotham. Bring Blockbuster back into the picture and go the whole “gangster war” route with him. Blockbuster and Penguin are trying to rule the streets maybe? And there’s Nightwing beating up people – but in a light hearted sort of way. I’d cut his hair and only have him pout when Batman points at him and says “NO!” Otherwise, no more emo bullshit. It’s been done. It’s time he sucked it up and became a man with a plan.

I think this may be happening in the title, but I’m also just making it up. Did, The Monitor show up and tell him he was supposed to be dead? If so, I think that’s a great idea. I think Nightwing should be picked up and thrown to the alternate reality dogs. In fact, I like that term a lot and they’d be villains even if that idea seems to have remained in my subconscious from the days I read Excalibur and those chrome dogs chases that phoenix chick around.

I think the one thing Nightwing is missing is more exposure. I’d like to see him become DC’s version of Wolverine. There should be like Nightwing month or something where he guest stars in every single title – even the Vertigo ones because he is hit by the “Split Infinities Ray” and is sent to every existing reality at once.

My other idea was to have Connor Hawk show up a whole bunch so they could hang out. Kind of like Iggy Pop and David Bowie, but Connor seems to be busy these days what with the JLA and all. Actually that could be fun. Connor shows up but is basically too busy being called away by the JLA to really help Nightwing. They’d be chilling at the Bat and Arrow Pub to watch some hockey and Connor would be called away to fight Gorilla Grodd or Starro. They’d be on a stake out and Connor would be beamed aboard the satellite because of an emergency backup response system. Fun stuff.

But then it hit me. Nightwing doesn’t need to be a well adjusted adult who is just hitting 30 and helps Robin and Batman from time to time. He needs to be the guy who adopts Rex the Wonderdog. And slowly, the book can become more and more about Nightwing being captured and Rex rescuing him until Nightwing doesn’t even appear anymore for issues on end until everyone forgets about him and the internet stops its bitching for ever and ever.

That would be awesome.

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