Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Not quite the finest, but darned good

Hi all, I'm back from the east coast and while my beach days got rained out I swam in the ocean none the less (including a jellyfish sting to the back of my right knee) and got to see rebuilt Bounty.

I didn't read any comics until last night and I've got a whack waiting for me at the shop I'm sure.

Anyway, I read Dave Gibbons and Steve Rude's World's Finest last night. I needed a bit of a break from Harry Potter you see (plus it's due back at the library today). My thoughts are that the story was a bit too hard to follow for what should be such a simple plot. I mean I understood the plot but it just felt awkward to actually know the finer details. But the dialogue and interaction of Batman's crew with Superman's crew was superb for the most part. I think there is a great understanding of what makes these two icons tick and it manages to hit the majority of their supporting casts on the head for the most part, but the exposition just seemed lacking.

Making up for that in spades was Steve Rude's artwork. Simply put, it is stunning. The colouring and inking make the pages pop and give off a classic vibe along the lines of Mike Allred or Darwyn Cooke but it is the character design and acting that just makes this book look better than anything I had expected. Rude manages to capture the classic feel of these characters and the look of both the Joker and Luthor, not just Batman and Superman, makes you believe you are reading the golden age versions. You don't need to be told anything about the characters to know what age is being evoked. As someone who is drawn a lot more towards plot than art the highest compliment I can give is that this book is worth it just for the artwork alone. It feels achronistic and looks simply beautiful. I need to find more of his stuff now.

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