Thursday, July 12, 2007

And for 7 days, he rested (after delivering a punch to the face)

Well folks I'm off to the East Coast of Canada after work today. Going to spend time swimming in the Atlantic if the sun stays out and watching the tall ships during my few days in Halifax (including the Bounty from that movie starring Anthony Hopkins and that guy I don't mention anymore).
So before I go I just have a few things to post. Firstly, I have a bunch more trades and OGNs to more or less ready to go. I've read a lot but haven't had time to write reviews so expect the following reviews at some point (Goodbye Chunky Rice, Chicken with Plums, Kings in Disguise, Tor, Vader's Quest, World's Finest and I'm starting to re-read the Sin City collection because I'm sort of untimely like that).
Secondly, no new comics for me this week. I've cut down my purchasing habits which makes me happier and more likely to own a house one day.
And finally, since I won't be here tomorrow when Bahlactus commands it, I'm providing you with rule #5 about comics.
Jedis can punch you anytime they like.

That's right folks. That's a blinded Luke Skywalker punching out a dude with a crossbow. Only in comics can we experience the awesomeness of of blind Jedis beating up medieval aliens. (Okay, maybe in movies, novels, cartoons and video games does this also happen, but they're less awesome - mostly).

And for good measure, since it's highly unlikely I won't be here next Friday either, here's the best fight between heroes without a punch being thrown. The other hero - Green Lantern Kyle Rayner doesn't even need to be in the panel to know who won.


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Siskoid said...

Haha, I vote for next week's.