Monday, July 30, 2007

Last Wednesday's Loot: Part 2 - The Lootening

I’m going to do the quickest reviews I can for the comics I picked up. As you’ve know doubt noticed I’m not creating a flood of content these days. No real reason other than lack of inspiration and noticing I’m repeating myself a lot. So here goes:

Godland #19

As much as I love this kooky yet hip space-god comic it is starting to feel like it’s treading water. I feel as if I’ve been reading the same story for just one too many issues. But I still like it more than most comics I could get so there you go. Spoiled by riches I guess.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #5
This issue seemed a bit more slapdash than the rest. I find myself not as excited about this comic as I once was.

Batman #666
Morrison really likes his son of Batman idea doesn’t he? I don’t like it as much, but what I do like is that Morrison is playing with the notion that Batman as a character can survive and thrive in many different and often contradictory interpretations.

Marvel Adventures: Iron Man #3
This is just good comics but great for young readers too.

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