Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Last Thursday's Loot - 5 July 2007

All Star Superman #8
Bizarro speak am easy comprehend. Jon hate All Star Superman and no go for hard joke review. Fireworks rocket most boring and lame. Me really no like tragic idiocy of Bizarro world.
I no-rate comic: Am terrible and me hate most of all.

Detective Comics #834
Oh the Joker. You're ever the showman. I'm glad your back and I don't really care if you synch up with other Jokers in other Batman comics. They're seperate books so everything can be self contained. I've always liked Dini's Joker with his penchant for elabourate death traps and Joker Gas but when they don't work he's not above slicing somebody with a scythe. And, most shocking of all, a relatively decent ending for the whole mess between Batman and Zatana which I thought DC would either ignore or never try to really fix.
I rate this comic: It's Batman and the Joker, so what's not to like?

Marvel Adventures: The Avengers
I was at the barber shop last Friday reading these books and my turn came up before I could finish more than a couple of pages of this one. I know there were guys riding lizards and the people were about to call the Avengers with some rock. I'm sure it'll be just as entertaining as the rest of this series has been but I'm getting ready for my vacation and haven't had the time to pick this book up again.

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