Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wednesday's Loot - 16 August 2006

Only two titles at the moment since I didn't find issue one of Wasteland and issue two is just as invisible here. Also couldn't find Phonogram but will check store number 2 on my way home.

52 Week 15
How’s that for a bit of super-hero action? A little punching. A little prison break. A little nuclear sub explosion. A little joke about wiki. You’re either enjoying this series or you’re not at this point and nothing I can say will change your mind. Personally I’m enjoying the whole thing. When I was picking it up at the shop there were two guys talking about how they don’t know if it’ll make it to 52 and that some of the stories are dragging. I figure this is not worse than any other miniseries out there. I’d rather get weekly adventures than six separate six part mini-series that are told at the same pace with the same quality.
I rate this comic: The action section.

Manhunter #25
Yes you two, I know I should have been buying this. I have bought it and I love it and regret missing the first 24 issues. This title deserves all the praise it has been getting. I’m a bit lost but this looks like it may be my first “searching for back-issues” title in a long long time.
I rate this comic: Worthy of my money in all respects.

Also, I found the first French comic I was less than thrilled about. Vampire Loves left me feeling, well, little love. I liked how Ferdinand floated around. I always liked that about vampires and it's something that seems to be forgotten about by most of the more modern-writing-for-adults type of stories. It felt a bit too stream of conscious for me and more like it didn't know who it wanted its audience to be. It read like a kids book for half and then discussed fucking. Weird.

Also, since you can't see me, consider this sentence to be me sitting smuggly and smirking since I dropped Civil War after issue one. I hear Agents of Atlas is good but honestly, Marvel has pretty much lost any goodwill I had towards it once. I did enjoy The Ultimates and Ultimate Wolverine v. Hulk but they both seem to have disappeared without explination - and so has the money I used to spend on Marvel comics. Interesting that.


Parker said...

Hey, don't punish us- our book is coming out on time! C'mon, give Atlas a shot. Please?

-The Writer

Chris said... bought Manhunter?

And you call yourself a comic-killer.

Pfffft. ;-)

antony said...

Sorry to hear you haven't been able to find WASTELAND - reorder copies are definitely available, if your store didn't make an initial order. We overprinted the hell out of both #1 and #2.

joncormier said...

Just when you think nobody is paying attention...

Parker: I'm told you're one of the good ones to support so I may just break some arbitrary declaration I just made and pick it up on my way home. I mean, it has a Gorilla with guns in all four limbs - how could I not appreciate it? And Last Planet Standing was regular...I think maybe it's the Marvel titles outside the mainlines that I need to avoid...

Chris, yeah, today was good deed day. I basically wanted a clean point to jump on. Like I said, I think I'll start looking for the back issues at some point after my wedding when I'm not so strapped for time and cash.

Antony. Dude. I know. I need to get on it. I've been looking forward to your book since I first heard of it. I like pretty much everything about post-apocolyptic dystopias, except possible finding myself in one someday. Because of the whole, surviving a nuclear fallout thing, the nuclear winter thing and the genuine possibility of being attacked by the Iatola of Rock-and-Roll-a.

Nobody said...

I've been looking for Wasteland too, but haven't been able to find it at the two comic shops in Liverpool.

antony said...

Page 45 in Nottingham definitely have it. No idea about Liverpool shops, sorry, but you could always ask them to order it...