Wednesday, August 02, 2006

So, how've you been?

Wednesday's Loot will be late since I have a staff meeting today and don't have enough time to read and review all the comics at lunch. I'm consistently only buying 3 comics a week now. This week is was 52, Detective Comics and Mouse Guard.

And, in case you haven't notice because you've been bored to tears, this site has recenly become more of a review site than anything else. I see commentors have fled in droves. It's sort of weird to be writing so much because I'm reading so much. It's a real flow of consciousness thing as I'm not really spending a lot of time on my reviews. I'm not rewriting them or anything since this is a hobby and I'm going more for my initial reactions and gut feelings rather than intellectual examination. I'm not sure how much longer this will go on or if it'll be the new status quo. I'm just doing my thing and hoping it helps anyone else who has returned recently to the comic fold.

If you have been reading, you'll notice a lot of older stuff, dare I say some "classics" being reviewed. Yeah, I've only been back into comics for about a year and missed a lot of these the first time around. Finances have been the biggest hindrance to me reading all this stuff until I discovered the wonderful resource call the Ottawa Public Library that has a great graphic novel and bandes designe selection. The BD project will begin with the snow as I'm in no mood to translate anything in this 40 (100) degree heat.

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