Friday, August 18, 2006

All Clear

Nothing new to report as of right now. Didn't have a chance to find out about Agents of Atlas or Wasteland. I will be making an effort to get both now that the creators stopped by. That's pretty dang cool. Also have a bid in on e-Bay for 1-24 of Manhunter because I enjoyed that last issue so much.

I have a slew of trades and Graphic Novels to read this weekend including: The Originals, Dead West, The Incal, Scurvy Dogs and Conan and the Jewels of Gwalhar. I'll make a stronger effort to review them. I also picked up Max Brooks The Zombie Survival Guide to get ready for the National Convention of the party I work for. I figure the stench of decay will be something I need to prepare for and I need to know how to escape a room full of braindead corpses.

Also, everything is on hold until Newcastle United are finished beating Wigan in their opening match of the English Premiership. Shockingly it's on TV because Newcastle is never on TV here. And the game following is Tottenham which is A's team. We're both excited for brunch, beer and footie.


Parker said...

Thanks Jon!

antony said...

Yeah, it's appreciated. man, this PR thing is easy! ;)

joncormier said...

PR is easy with me. Just say hello and I'll give your series a shot - if I can find it without too much effort. I am lazy afterall, and preoccupied - sort of. Sometimes. No seriously, I was already sold but missed out and I'm finding it hard to, well, find free time.

It's the party's national convention and I'm planning trips and various other things. Bah, I'll get them, it just may take some time.