Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wednesday's Loot - 09 August 2006

Only two books today. I should have picked up the back copies I missed of Agents of Atlas and Green Lantern Corps but I can live without them, I realized. I do think I will start reading Manhunter in the trades at some point though. Depends on finances really, and whether I can buy a few trades and be caught up to the regular series. Agents of Atlas will be a trade read as well.

On with the show...

52 Week 14
Okay this was a bit of an exposition issue. It moved a few plots along nicely but no real major action. Renee and The Question find stuff they shouldn’t in a location they shouldn’t, John Henry Irons makes a really nice robot suit, and Mercury returns. Then two pages of Eric Powell drawing Metamorpho, what’s not to like about that?
I rate this story: The halfway point between A and B.

The Secret Six #3
This seems to be the week for exposition or plot movement. It’s the second comic that deals with the movement from one plot point to the next. Okay, I’m not big on the whole naked ladies thing in comics as a selling point but I guess it works here better than the skimpy costumed cover to tantalize. She’s just who she is, naked and all. There is some genuinely creepy moments because they’re very decadent. They’re funny because they are so bloody and surrounded by death. I was wondering what happened to Dr. Psycho and this issue deals with his relationship to Ragdoll. Many severed limbs and a seizure later the Doom Patrol shows up.
I rate this comic: Bloody and naked, but in a good way if not the most exiting issue.

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