Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Last Wednesday's Loot - 23 August 2006

Okay the National Leadership Convention is over. If you're Canadian you've probably figured out which party I work for by now. I'll keep the political content to a minimum. This isn't the forum. Besides I'm too damned tired, even after a day of rest, to write much at this moment.

Coffee helps though. Mmmm, sweet bitter coffee. Y'know, I like my coffee like I like my women. Bitter Guatamalan in a paper cup.

So, let's make with the funny (or not).

More Kandaqi stuff and the space heroes on their way home. This was a great action issue revolving around a very limited idea. It really works for me when done right. There's a bomb, go stop it whether they know about it or not. I think this was someone being clever with 52 in that it felt like an episode of 24.

Batman #Whatever (sorry I don't have it with me and am too tired to find it)
Okay, so I'm going to go search the blogs after I finish typing this post. I want to see if anyone else enjoyed the Ninja Man-Bats as much as I did. Or maybe it was just Batman thinking, "ninja man-bats. This is new." This is my kind of meta. It isn't obvious, it's clever, but not trying to be too clever. Plus this issue was just a heck of a lot of fun. I mean ninja's are the new zombies now right?

And this arc comes to a climax, er close and Matty Roth is ready for his new reality in the DMZ. I was enjoying this series before but this arc I think solidified it in the minds of a lot of its readers that DMZ isn't wasting its potential.

Agents of Atlas
Yeah I was late on getting this one and I regret it because I loved this opening. I like super spy thrillers and when there's a talking gorilla and a robot, I'm pretty much sold already. Fun stuff.

Action Philosophers - The People's Choice
I only read most of the first one. I won't even attempt to spell his name. Needless to say that's sort of how I looked for the last few days - what with the unwashed masses and the continued frustration.

Rex Libris
I just remember this being awesome.

So after a week where my life was actually threatened by a member of the party I work for. I'm a bit too tired to reflect on the comics I read last week. Sorry, I'll do more this afternoon or tomorrow. I've read a lot of other stuff from the library - look for you're new favourites and golden oldies. Such as: Plastic Man: On the Lam, Top 10 (all 3 mega-medley), The Originals, JLA: Earth 2, and many more.

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