Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Bachelor Party Weekend Idea

Since I found out that my best man will be in Taiwan at the end of the month and unable to attend the wedding I've been tossing an idea around in my head. Since he won't be around to organize a bachelor party (he lives out of town and won't be here before he leaves the country) I'm thinking of organizing a Bachelor Party weekend.

I'm going to start trying to contact the appropriate people for the following activities:
Friday Night - movie double bill at the second run theatre. I'm thinking Romero's Dawn of the Dead because I never watched it before and Shaun of the Dead because I love it.
Saturday Night - I'm trying to organize a local band for a concert. Probably the Fiftymen if possible.
Sunday Afternoon/Evening - Scotch tasting.

I've been trying to think of "guy" things to do that anyone would enjoy since I can't afford to rent locations or organize enough people to show up to fill a place - let alone trying to do it in two locations. I've contacted the local free paper about advertising it and I'm trying to write up a correspondence with the theatre. I'll be mooching on some friendships to organize the band.

Does anyone else have ideas? I have some other movie ideas if these fall through and I was also thinking of a cigar smoking session or something but with the new no-smoking legislation I'm not going to invite the public to my house. If you live in Ottawa and think you can help me out in booking bands let me know in the comments and I'll get in touch.


Chris said...

Poker games are usually good for this kind of thing.

joncormier said...

Yeah, I'll probably have a real one as well, but what I'm trying to do is organize this random community event. A double feature, a band, and something else that is mentioned in the local free paper and the public can go to. I was thinking of trying to get a large paint-ball tournament going or X-box challenge or something but I don't want to rent a place and pay royalties or whatever.

I'll get the guys together closer tot he wedding for something more intimate.

Anna said...

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bachelor party post and check out!!