Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Wednesday's Loot - 18 January 2006

Dang, what a week. Infinite Crisis #4, All-Star Superman #2, JSA Classified #7, Iron Man: The Inevitable #2, and a brand spanking new Sgt. Rock story.

Read them all but Sgt. Rock. I don't have much to say right now so I hope to read them again at some point and give something more than the lame ass first reviews I usually put up here on Wednesdays.

What I noticed. Everytime I make fun of Marvel they give me an issue that knocks my socks off.

Iron Man: The Inevitable is great. I'm loving The Spymaster (and I don't know anything about the character or his history because I've never read Iron Man before) and all the happenings of this book. That and a really unique look to the art is enough to make my week. But no, it gets better...

Infinite Crisis continues to heat up. Of course a bunch of people I don't know anything about die, but that's fine by me. Temper, temper Superboy. Talk about your teen-tantrums. Then we're hit with a Batman who's a decent chap. This issue reminds us of why Dick Grayson came around and how they actually work well together. The twists are great especially if you love gigantic hero battles. And I do.

All-Star Superman - This is becoming my favourite comic because of the sheer joy that comes out of it. The writing and the art are definately top notch as all other comic blog mongers will certainly go into better detail than me. Does anyone else think Morrison is poking fun at the uproar about Vicki Vale and Black Canary in the other All-Star title? It's also my favourite acronym. It's amazing that something so toned down and sparse can be so chock full of goodness - art and story wise. This is decompression done right because it doesn't feel slow.

JSA Classified. Just when you think your out they drag you back in. I do believe I like this arc better than Villains United. It was boiled down caper goodness.


Jog said...

Honestly, the very first thing that came to mind upon reaching a certain page in this week's All Star Superman was "Oh my god, is this an All Star Batman homage?" I don't know. The latest wave of talk arrived a bit recently for this to be a direct reaction, I think, but I'm getting the feeling that Morrison is staying aware of Miller's side of the line.

"Batman? Great. You know Batman."

joncormier said...

Hey jog, yeah I don't think this is about the latest developments surrounding Miller's panel descriptions, but I can't help but think it's Morrison being aware of how everyone was up in arms about Vicki Vale's underpants.

Heck, it's one of the reasons I gave up on that book. So is this an attempt to see if there's any sort of reaction to this book? Is he seeing how far he can push his audience that Miller knocked to the ground right off the bat? (pun not intended).

I'm curious to see how forgiving folks are to this book for doing pretty much the same thing as Miller's first issue of A-S Batman. I guess a lot has to do with the perceived intent - this is a clever commentary while the other was deliberatly juvenile. At least that's how I predict the reactions going. I still felt it was an unnecissary scene in an otherwise top notch book.