Monday, January 09, 2006

New Blue Bettle moment

So I was reading the first trade of Animal Man this weekend and a kid named Jaime asks Buddy for his autograph because he collects superhero autographs. I vote that this is the kid who moves to Texas for university and becomes the new Blue Beetle. How else would a "new-comer" be able to distinguish between Green Lanterns if he didn't one time collect their autographs?

In other new Blue Beetle news I realized that I actually kind of like the new costume. I laughed at first because it looked like he just came out of a car wash or was sprayed by a skunk or something. Then I saw the character sketches and whatnot and it won me over - except the whole mouth thing, is he wearing wrestling make-up? And if so, where does his nose go? That seems like a crappy super power, unless maybe you're fighting someone with a spastic colon.

My guess is this will be the new Iron Man comic because there's a sort of technology based hero, only monthly.


Jhunt said...

I've only seen the promo image (Beetle in the shadows).. are there new skecthces etc. on the web somewhere? I guess I'll go check Newsarama.

joncormier said...

Yeah, I don't remember where I saw the preview. Either Newsarama or Comic Book Resources.

It was a while ago but the character models were decent.

Shane Bailey said...

It was Newsarama a while back. I agree about the mouth thing too. Weird. Good call on the Jamie in Animal Man too. Never thought of that.