Friday, January 27, 2006

Get up outta that Funk! - part 3 of 6

Man, talk about post-partum depression. The election is done and I can barely bring myself to wake up let alone come into the office. With the election campaign done the thought of helping campaigns with their finances for the next four months doesn't really excite me. And by excite, I mean "listen to them on the telephone about how they ignored all the e-mail updates I've been sending on how to do this stuff before it becomes a legal problem." But I digress.

Yesterday was good. It was a nice day to finish reading an actual book as well as catch up on two months worth of comics. Only I find myself not wanting to post anything anymore. I'll get to it eventually, it's just the thought of staring at a computer screen makes me want to blind myself. I think maybe I'm going through radiation withdrawal or something. I should probably force myself to post on my days off in order to get my daily recommended intake of computer radiation. It better turn me into something super as opposed to sterile or bald - unless of course I get telekinesis with the baldness...

So to cheer me up I decided I'd try to change my direction a little bit. I'm going to try and ween myself off the DC superhero teet little by little. How you may ask? Simple. I'm going to try to focus my efforts more and more on trades of older material or non-superhero type stuff. This isn't a mission statement or anything, just a way to try to keep myself from burning out on too much of one thing.

I started by ordering Jeff Smith's Bone: One Volume Collection. And of course the 2nd Ultimates trade. What? It was a good deal.

I tried to make a list of stuff I'd like to purchase over this year but the list is unruly and probably not going to happen as new and interesting stuff is constantly being released. I always get overwhelmed with these types of lists then give up entirely. If you want to help out with suggestions for non-superhero stuff, feel free. I've already been recommended to a New Teen Titans trade and Planetary, but I haven't gotten to either of those yet (although both are on my massive master list). What about collections of older stuff. So far I'm thinking Showcase Superman, Showcase Metamorpho, Essential Luke Cage and Essential Howard the Duck. Is there any of these types of collections that have rocked your world?

Oh yeah, today's post will suck. I guess it's like part three of six because very little happens and there's a big reveal that's a let down.


Jhunt said...

Showcase Superman is probably the greatest collection I have bought in the past couple of years, if not ever. Its fun-to-price ration is unmatched, if you have any affection at all for Silver Age Superman (aka the Big Galoot).

And Bone:One Volume is also quite good. It gets a bit too D&D for me near the middle section, but the cartooning is gorgeous. Taken as a whole, it's a great reading experience.

joncormier said...

I didn't need much more prodding to get the Showcase Superman collection, but I think this is the last nudge I need to actually get off my ass and buy the damned thing!

Jhunt said...

You will not be disappointed. I am literally counting the days until the Superman Family (Jimmy Olsen) Showcase Presetns volume.

The JLofA Showcase volume is a disappointing dud, though. It has aged terribly, becoming bland and dull.