Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wednesday's Loot - 11 January 2006

So I'm killing comics and my budget this week. I picked up one whole floppy and two trades. DMZ #3, DC Universe: The Stories of Alan Moore, and Seven Soldiers of Victory, Vol. 1 (because I'm an idiot for not jumping in on this at the ground floor).

DMZ #3
If your liking this then you will continue to like it. If you don't like it then this issue won't help much, but you've dropped it by now right? Personally, I like it. This issue sees Matty out on his own for a bit and introduces the play between soldiers and citizens as well as the media's relation to the audience and Matty. Characters are brought to the breaking point but are also set free. I like the way these snippets are connected but stand alone just enough to make these stories more or less accessible to anyone jumping on now. Then there is the art. It goes from good, to holy fuck that's awesome!

I rate this story: Continuing to hold my interest.

I didn't read the trades yet. I did read the introduction and a couple of pages of the Alan Moore collection. I like that Batman calls Jason "chum." He sounds like Adam West in my head. Then tells Jason Todd to have clean thoughts as they follow Wonder Woman through the snow. I guess Mr. Moore beat me to the punch with this story since I was plotting out something similar for Bats - fuck. I am happy to get my fix of good comic writers this week.

Jon's back is now minus one monkey.

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