Friday, January 13, 2006

Moore Minor Thoughts

So I've managed to read a few of the stories from the Alan Moore collection. I bet he'll be either smug or pissed about the missing text that is apparently some kind of big deal. Meh, whatever. I do find it funny that all the introductions are by everyone but Moore.

What's the deal with Vigilante? Could there be a more depressing story in there? Jesus that was bleak. Funny when she swallows the roach but holy crap man.

The Green Arrow and Green Lantern stories were quick and interesting with more ideas per panel than most floppies these days. Green Arrow is badass and the villain is a pretty cool concept. Then Mogo Doesn't Socialize is an absolute hoot of a story.

I think that's what I'm missing in a lot of current comics the lack of storytelling. These stories need to actually go somewhere whether or not they're too be continued or part one of a gajillion. I'm glad there's easy access to this older stuff for us relative newbies who haven't collected all this material the first time around. I like a lot of newer stuff, I don't want to sound too dismissive but I really think that having access to these older stories is really what makes today's market that much more interesting. We aren't completely stuck in the here and now.

What does pain me though is that I'll probably have to start waiting for the trade of both Amazing Joy Buzzards and Godland. That makes me really upset as I love both books and want to support them. I just can't get them locally and I don't particularly want to become a subscriber to anything.

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