Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Official Marvel Handbook: The DC Knock-offs

Okay, I know I pick on Marvel more than I should but they make it easy. Like when someone falls down. I always laugh. Always. I sometimes go help out if it looks painful and they're relatively close to me, but I laugh first. It's just how I am. I do like some of Marvel's products, so maybe after this post I'll have gotten it out of my system and move on to more positive things.

Back to front: Starro, Mogo, Ambush Bug, The Spectre, The Phantom Stranger in his demonic female form, Deathstroke, Black Lightning, Sasha Bordeaux as the omac-person with pink eye but as a dude, Bizarro Luke Cage (or some elvish aroebics instructor), an Omac, Star-girl, Sand, Oliver Queen or Bizarro Luke Cage's gay lover "Mr. Stereotype," Mr. Mxyzptlk , Etrigan


Scipio said...

So what

what ARE


joncormier said...

I only know Goliath because of Mike Wieringo's website. I guess there's the Anti-Moni...Galactus? Is that Nick Fury with a cape?